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Title: 12inch/14inch/16inch/17inch/18inch/20inch/24inch Carbon Rim Specification
Post by: Andy on December 30, 2016, 03:45:00 AM
Size           Item               Dia      Depth       Width   Type          ERD       Weight
12" -203   AR203-01    215mm   25mm   30mm   Clincher   172mm   140±10g

14" -255   AR255-01    270mm   30mm   30mm   Clincher   217mm   170±10g

16" -305   AR305-01    318mm   38mm   25mm   Clincher   249mm   190±10g
16" -349   AR349-01    361mm   38mm   23mm   Clincher   292mm   210±10g

17" -369   AR369-01    381mm   50mm   23mm   Clincher   288mm   280±10g

18" -355   AR355-01    370mm   38mm   25mm   Clincher   301mm   240±10g
18" -355   AR355-02    370mm   40mm   25mm   Clincher   297mm   350±10g

20"-406   AR406-01    418mm   30mm   30mm   Clincher   365mm   310±10g
20"-406   AR406-02    418mm   38mm   25mm   Clincher   349mm   350±10g
20"-406   AR406-03    418mm   38mm   23mm   Clincher   349mm   285±10g
20"-406   AR406-04    418mm   50mm   25mm   Clincher   398mm   310±10g

20" -451   AR451-01   461mm   50mm   23mm   Clincher   368mm   350±10g
20" -451   AR451-02   461mm   50mm   20mm   Clincher   368mm   320±10g
20" -451   AR451-03   461mm   35mm   23mm   Clincher   362mm   360±10g
20" -451   AR451-04   461mm   38mm   21mm   Clincher   356mm   355±10g
20" -451   AR451-05   461mm   38mm   23mm   Clincher   356mm   320±10g
20" -451   AR451-06   461mm   50mm   21mm   Clincher   368mm   365±10g

24" -507   AR501-01   507mm   23mm   30mm   Clincher   480mm   350±10g
24" -520   AR520-01   520mm   35mm   23mm   Clincher   467mm   360±10g

Title: Tta to mp3 Converter (Freeware) until
Post by: stumstuh on November 04, 2017, 05:00:24 PM
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Title: How to convert from tta to mp3 online now
Post by: stumstuh on November 04, 2017, 05:03:56 PM
FLAC codec included as standard, is default codec for CD Ripper FLAC codec - internal update to allow 'Front Cover Art' as default Convert to mp3 online company website: free batch tta to mp3 converter ( community  after best tta to mp3 converter hullo