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Mountain Tire Pressure Table
« on: October 27, 2016, 11:14:49 PM »

Tire resistance test results show that, in a very low tire pressure, the tire's resistance is high. With the increase of tire pressure, the tire rolling speed is faster, but the performance of the increase in certain tire pressure (Critical tire pressure) began to become flat. Later, higher tire pressure can only give a very slight increase in the performance of the bicycle. The reason is that with the increase of the tire pressure, the internal loss caused by the deformation of the tire is reduced, but the suspension system damage caused by the body vibration and rebound caused increased.
Under the critical tire pressure, it can optimize the comfort level, and also optimize the riding performance. At lower tire pressure, the tire rolls slowly. But higher tire pressure will not make you ride faster, but make your comfort level lower.
In addition: there are many factors on the influence of tire pressure, the table is for reference only.
1.   Tire quality: different tire quality use different pressure, the reason is very simple, just like the same ball basketball and football needs of the pressure is completely different, because the material is different to the hot melt, it has more than one kind of silicone material need a very hard of the tire to support, but if a class of rubber tires to beat 40 pounds that will be like a rubber ball bounce like everywhere.
2.   Road conditions: in theory, the soft tire pressure will help to increase the road holding, but the burden on the tire larger, wear is also larger, and the stability of the brake is poor. So if the car is used to riding Hill Road, if considering the road holding these drawbacks are acceptable; but if the downtown streets riding will consider to economic.
3.   Handling habits: the tame owners need comfortable tire pressure; the violent acceleration owners need hardcore tire pressure; the pressure Bay owners need the softer tire pressure.
4.   Climate: tire pressure of empty bike is different than when riding with half an hour later. Because the gas will change density as the temperature changed, so often occurs though the normal tire pressure is set, the road holding is getting worse as the high speed,, because the operation of the tire pressure rise caused by heat. Perhaps some people will think that tire pressure not too full, it will rise when riding, but if in the winter season, the asphalt road is icy, the tire how to get hot?
5.   There are many conflicts for the above four situations overlap,. For example, the tire pressure should not be fed in the hill's path, but if use hot melt tire need hard tire pressure. So the tire pressure is absolutely no formula, need all the external human factors combined to use tire pressure. Therefore, in general, it will be better to based on the requirements of factory to change tire pressure.


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Mountain Tire Pressure Table
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2017, 07:52:07 PM »
Try cleaning the plug and socket of the pressure sensor.

But most importantly, is the car driving properly?