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Road Bicycle / The guest comments about carbon wheel
« on: February 21, 2017, 10:20:36 PM »
I've put about 150 miles on these. So far, so good. Came in at 1580g on my scale. Not bad for a 50mm carbon clincher.

Wheels true within a mm or so. A bit of a pulse in braking on the rear. Included brake pads work fine. I decided I was not comfortable with the included skewers so I have not used them (to be fair, I have no real reason besides "these look awfully fragile"). Rear hub is DT Swiss-level-loud.

I went out of my way to get 80mm valve tubes and 40mm extensions (so I can use 40mm valve tubes later). It turns out 60mm, which are easier to source, work well. EDIT: I took my own advice and picked up 10 60mm valve tubes. The "60mm" tube I used earlier must have been an off size (65?) because the new ones are just *barely* long enough to use with the bulky head on my Joe Blow pump. They work fine with the screw on head of a Lezyne floor pump. YMMV.

Going with 5 stars because the price-point is so amazing.

UPDATE: Close to 300 miles now. I didn't mentioned above because I hadn't checked on my stand but dish is out by 2mm or so. That can get tight on the seat stays with a 25mm tire. Whatever they use for spoke prep is high enough friction that the spokes just twisted when I tried to make adjustments so I let it be for now. I'm planning to build up a wheel with a Powertap hub anyway. Would certainly buy again but 4 stars seems more appropriate.

After two races and about 400 miles on the I can wheel set, I am obliged to finish this review with its well-deserved 5-star. The wheel came with quick release and brake pads, very light and felt robust. I immediately tried to install the tubes and tires, but it was very hard to get tire into the rim. I had to take them to a LBS to finish tire installation, and I was told that was very common for carbon wheels. Unfortunately they didn’t check the rim tape (which was substituted by electric tape by myself). This ended with a flat tire after less than 100 miles. So I took the bike to another LBS and the technician properly re-installed rim tape and everything. Ever since that, this wheel set has been performing very well on my TT bike, including an average 21.5mph bike race in an Ironman 70.3. The TT bike with the carbon wheel set probably gave me 2mph advantage than my road bike. I am planning to order another set for my road bike. Too bad price went up.

giving it 4 stars as of now, only because I have 20 miles on the rims... they were delivered as described and the quality looks really good
they only seem marginally faster than my aluminum rims but definitely absorb a lot more of the vibrations of these bad new york roads
They did not come with rim tape, which I suppose is a good thing so you can better inspect the rim.
Installing the tires is definitely a bear so invest in a good set of tire tools, Although I've learned carbon clincher wheels in general fit a lot tighter

I will update further when I put some real miles on them

I bought these wheels about a month ago and really like them!! They are very well made. I have put nearly 300 mi on them already with no issues. They are comparable to wheels that cost much more. They spin up really quick and brake well for a carbon wheel. They do not come with rim tape so make sure you get some.

Good quality, good value pair of wheels, very stiff and very light. The only disappointment was the lack of rim tape. A small detail, but I can't remember the last time I bought wheels and them not to come complete with rim tape.

Very pleased with wheels
Light well built and good to ride
Skewer is a bit delicate

Super light, stylish set of wheels to finish off my titanium build beautifully. Customer service was second to none with immediate email response to an ordering enquiry I had. Thanks Bella.

Light as gossamer, Appear very well constructed, smooth and lovely finish with a great click from the hub.

These wheels have been awesome so far. The fit and finish is great and so far I have no complaints. The wheels feel very responsive and stiff which in turn, should be very fast compared to my aluminum wheels. I'd recommend these to anyone wanting a new wheelset on a budget!

I ordered a rear wheel only. It arrived in 10 days from China. The quality of the wheel is amazing and super lite.The customer service is the best. Bella gets back to you with answers to any questions in a day. You only get brake pads if you order a set of wheels. I will do a follow up when I get the wheel on bike.

Very nice and handsome wheels, super light for the price I have paid. Sweet ride and comfortable as well. Hubs roll easy and there are no weird sounds at all after 500+ miles already. You don't need to pay a high price tag for decent wheels like these. I highly recommend them.

Excellent deal. I had them substitue sapim x-ray spokes and had great service.

Just received mine and I am really pleased with the quality and how light these wheels are glad I picked the 38mm they look great on my bike, just need some nice weather to get out on them. glad I have a winter bike:)

26er Bicycle / Carbonal 100% hand-built 26er mtb carbon wheels
« on: January 06, 2017, 04:59:45 AM »
An excellent set of rim brake mountain wheels at a great price. The aurora 26" mountain bike wheelset offers a lightweight, quality set of wheels that will be a sure upgrade for any newly confirmed MTB addict. An excellent set of rim brake mountain bike wheels

you feel the need to buy an Fat bike?, what else should we weigh in?

Nowadays, manufacturers also want to sell their products directly to the consumer. The manufacturer can be the manufacturing base for some big brands. So with the same production, Quality Controlling and the testing system, will you consider that?

Xiamen AuroraSports Co., Ltd is a carbon bicycle manufacturer & trading company based on China, we offer good quality Carbon wheels, Carbon frame and other accessories
do you need carbon wheels or frames lately?
will you draw up the purchasing plan for 2017?
Please feel free to contact us for any other questions or help.

First time on a downhill bike for skills training
It still seems unreal to be training in the rainbow colours for a whole year to come. We've worked hard and for a long time to achieve this gold medal. I can summarize concisely by stating the fact that if one is to succeed in such a tough sport, it is essential to be goal-oriented over long periods of time. Hard work every single day, active choices and priorities from the moment one gets up until one goes to bed at night, plus the will to execute every day of training in the best way possible, is essential for success.
The world championship race track this year, at Kirchberg in Tyrol, was extreme on many levels. Three mountains were to be crossed, the highest of which with its top 2000 metres above sea level. A total of 3800 vertical metres to be climbed, divided over 85 kilometres, with a temperature of only 2-3 degrees Centigrade on the tops. This area is some of the wildest we have ever trained in when it comes to long and tough sessions in beautiful nature, and the experiences from the world championship day will remain unforgettable for a long time.
Detailed planning
Kenneth and I were well prepared, as far as is possible, two weeks before the day of the race. Ever since my goals for the season of 2013 were defined in the winter, my plan was to reach a fitness peak at the time of the marathon Worlds. Even with a somewhat "rough" opening to the season and many unwelcome breaks due to sickness, we used our experience and hit the bull's eye on the correct day at Kirchberg.
We were able to train as planned on the track itself beforehand, we had perfect accommodation right by the race start and finish (Hotel Klausen), we had a fantastic set-up with the Norwegian national team, and got a mechanic, Marco, (who I normally work together with in Multivan Merida Biking Team), plus our dear family with us during the last week.
Nothing at all was left to chance in our preparations, and I was drilled on the mental side of things every day by my indispensable coach and masseuse, husband and father of Bjørnar, Kenneth. Yet another unforgettable world championship gold medal for all of us.
I have to include a few sentences about how much I ate during the race. The greatest challenge for me was how to complete the entire distance without running out of energy and hitting the wall. I was on the rollers for 20 minutes before the start, during which I ate an Energize bar from PowerBar and an Ultra Energy Complex bar from WinForce. (The Norwegian national team is sponsored by PowerBar and we are sponsored by WinForce in Team Multivan Merida. Both products taste good to me, work quickly, and don't give me any stomach trouble. A combination of these would be the ultimate solution on such a long day on my bike).
I had already decided beforehand what I was going to eat and when to eat it, and it worked very well. In total I managed to consume (including what I ate before the start) 2 whole Energize PowerBar, 6 Ultra energy WinForce, 6 gel PowerBar, and 3.5 litres of water with carbo-powder added. Everything went down without any stomach problems during the race or after it ?
Norwegian championships at Lillehammer
I have to admit that I've been quite worn out after the world championships, and the days at home, a total of three days before leaving for Lillehammer, were anything but abounding in energy. Even so, one is able to mobilize impossible levels of energy and positive thinking when one has just won something great, and it was with this in mind that I left for the Norwegian Championships. I travelled alone, as Bjørnar needed some days at home for some just dad and Bjørnar time.
The track at Lillehammer was exciting, with tough climbs and technically demanding descents, and rather too much mud for my taste the day before the race. There was a lot of getting on and off the bike, typical Norwegian conditions with lots of gnats, but luckily things dried up pretty well for the race day. It was a very demanding experience for my legs and body after very little exercise after the world championship race, but after I while things improved and I found my rhythm and started catching up with my competitors on each round.
It's going to be very nice to ride wearing the Norwegian flag internationally this coming year. The setting around the Norwegian Championships was really great, but we were lacking spectators, and when I hear that there was no great effort made to market the championship, I feel it's a shame for our sport.
Extreme experiences at Hafjell
The day after the Norwegian Championships, I went to Hafjell to check out the race track and conditions that are in place for the World Cup race in September. I was also booked in for a bit of training on the unbelievable downhill tracks that Hafjell has to offer, and it was a fantastic experience for both body and soul.
It must be said that I'm not a bad technical rider from before, because I'd never have managed to win two World Cup races last year and win the silver medal in the world championships, but Kenneth and I have always worked on details, and we're always on the lookout for things to improve.
I donned my armour and was handed a strange contraption called a downhill bike, and ended up having an utterly wild experience. Imagine: it took me 40 years to finally sit on a downhill bike and do downhilling, and get totally hooked after the first descent!
I was coached very well by Snorre, the main person in charge of the tracks and everything at Hafjell, so I was in the best of hands. First I got an introduction on how best to execute bends, how one can pump the bike through bends and before jumps, plus the idea behind positioning the body and stance on the bike.
It would be wrong to claim that I got much better from the training at Hafjell, but I was made aware of elements to work on and perfect in the time to come. Hopefully this can make me an even better technical rider with time. One thing that's for sure is that the downhill park at Hafjell is well worth a visit if you're even vaguely interested in trying something new, or if you're looking for the ultimate adrenaline kick, or are even looking for something for the whole family to join in on.
Training at Livigno
Now I'm in place at Livigno as I write, and am anticipating many weeks up at high altitude with great days of training and a quieter period together with my family. I've had a nice and slow-paced long distance ride with Lene and Sondre today, and otherwise relaxed and done a bit of shopping this afternoon. It resulted in a bit of Lego and some new jogging shoes for Bjørnar. I'm alone for the first week here in the mountains, but will fetch the rest of the gang in Zürich on Monday.
Tomorrow Armin from Tex Market is arriving with my new Merida world championship jersey, which will be very exciting. Friday is set aside for a photo shoot together with the Team photographer, Daniel Geiger, and my new Multivan is in place here in Livigno. A brand new Multivan Comfortline (extra long version) has been decorated in the colours of the rainbow, so now we have space for the whole gang and then some, when we go travelling. I've got automatic gears this time, and it's impressive how smoothly such a large vehicle can be driven with automatic gearing.
Tomorrow I'm heading out on a four-hour long-distance ride in somewhat hilly and exciting terrain, and I'm already looking forward to it. The weather gods have apparently been really awful through all of May and June up here, so I'm expecting that the good weather has been reserved for us. The weather reports are at least all for good weather in the days to come here in Livigno.
Have a continued active and great summer no matter where you are in the world. Remember that your bike can be used for practically all activities in your everyday life.
Cyclist's greetings from Gunn-Rita
Multivan Merida Biking Team
[Translation: Crispen T.P. de Lange]

Carbon fiber version of Specialized's Demo downhill racer
The Monster Energy-Specialized team debuted a surprise at the opening round of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup: a carbon fiber version of Specialized's Demo downhill racer. Team officials wouldn't allow us to photograph it in the pits nor would they answer any questions but we managed a few snaps anyway. While we don't have official details to share just yet, it looks like it'll be a hot machine indeed.

Specialized builds the all-new front triangles with the company's top-end FACT 11m carbon composite construction if the stealthy labeling is to be taken at face value. Based on our experience with Specialized's similar road frames, we thus expect the new main frames to be substantially lighter and more rigid than the current alloy version.

Admittedly, consumers don't often associate those attributes with gravity racing but even downhill bikes can benefit from reduced mass by virtue of shorter stopping distances and a nimbler feel. On Pietermaritzburg, South Africa's unusually pedaling-intensive course, that lighter weight might also help Sam Hill and his teammates accelerate to clear the track's extraordinarily long jumps, too.

The Monster Energy-Specialized mechanic wouldn’t allow us to shoot pictures of Sam Hill's new Demo Carbon - so we had to hide behind a trailer and make use of our zoom lens

The Monster Energy-Specialized mechanic wouldn’t allow us to shoot pictures of Sam Hill's new Demo Carbon - so we had to hide behind a trailer and make use of our zoom lens

At this point, changes are limited exclusively to the new front triangle with the Horst Link four-bar rear end still constructed of TIG-welded aluminum. Whether Specialized will eventually release a consumer version with full carbon construction remains to be seen.

Also spotted on Hill's bike were a new RockShox Boxxer fork with DLC-coated stanchions for smoother operation and an air-sprung version of the company's Vivid downhill rear shock. We'll bring you more information on those items shortly.

Biking Photos / Pictures of your Bike
« on: January 04, 2017, 03:08:49 AM »
Post your photos here: Road TT Triathlon Cyclocross MTB BMX Shixie Fixie And anything else Lovely bikes lovely, I wanna see what bikes you're all riding!

17-22 January Santos Tour Down Under (Australia)
29 January Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race (Australia)
6-10 February Tour of Qatar (Qatar)
23-26 February Abu Dhabi Tour (United Arab Emirates)
25 February Omloop Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium)
04 March Strade Bianche (Italy)
5-12 March Paris-Nice (France)
8-14 March Tirreno-Adriatico (Italy)
18 March Milano-Sanremo (Italy)
20-26 March Volta Ciclista a Catalunya (Spain)
22 March Dwars Door Vlaanderen / A travers la Flandre (Belgium)
24 March Record Bank E3 Harelbeke (Belgium)
26 March Gent-Wevelgem in Flanders Fields (Belgium)
02 April Ronde van Vlaanderen / Tour des Flandres (Belgium)
3-8 April Vuelta al País Vasco (Spain)
09 April Paris-Roubaix (France)
16 April Amstel Gold Race (Netherlands)
18-23 April Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey (Turkey)
19 April La Flèche Wallonne (Belgium)
23 April Liège-Bastogne-Liège (Belgium)
25-30 April Tour de Romandie (Switzerland)
01 May Eschborn-Frankfurt « Rund um den Finanzplatz » (Germany)
6-28 May Giro d’Italia (Italy)
14-21 May Amgen Tour of California (United States)
4-11 June Critérium du Dauphiné (France)
10-18 June Tour de Suisse (Switzerland)
1-23 July Tour de France (France)
29 July Clásica Ciclista San Sebastian (Spain)
29 July-4 August Tour de Pologne (Poland)
30 July Prudential RideLondon-Surrey Classic (Great Britain)
7-13 August Eneco Tour (Benelux)
19 August-10 September Vuelta a España (Spain)
20 August Cyclassics Hamburg (Germany)
27 August Bretagne Classic – Ouest-France (France)
08 September Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec (Canada)
10 September Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal (Canada)
30 September Il Lombardia (Italy)

What should be in/out for 2017? Have your say!

Not all carbon wheelsets have to cost an arm and a leg. Aurora Racing 29 Carbon mountain bike wheels. Using techniques learned while developing the SL iteration of the 29series, these wheels are able to produce the lightweight XC performance you need at a more attainable price. Don't confuse "value" with a degredation in performance, however, as these rims have much of the same features found on others,. It allows for continuous fiber layup across the sidewall and rim bed, resulting in stronger impact resistance.

27.5er Bicycle / 27.5" mountain bike Carbon Wheels
« on: November 24, 2016, 05:31:22 AM »
The new Aurora Racing 27.5"/650b wheelset is Shimano's Trail version -- whose wider is optimized for strength, rigidity, and superb traction sought out by enduro/all trail riders in search of the ultimate in performance. Aurora has lightened up both the rims and the hubs when compared to the previous XT wheels while the rim's offset design ensures superb strength and reliability. Both front and rear hubs are set up for thru-axle systems Additionally, since the new Shimano 11-speed mountain cassettes don't require a new freehub standard, the rear hub is compatible with Shimano 8/9/10/11-speed drivetrains.

Road Bicycle / 50C-25mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset
« on: November 24, 2016, 05:14:42 AM »
50C-25mm is our best Aerodynamic All-Around Carbon Clincher Road Bike Wheelset.Recommended for the rides that our looking for wheels with an aero benefit at high speeds, that can still perform in the hills.
Front wheels

50C-25mm wheelset is the best suited to high speed long rides that include a mix of long distance flats, climbs, drafting and leading. 
With the Basalt High Temperature Carbon Braking surfaces you can feel confident and in complete control.Not only do you stop quicker but enjoy great durability on long rodes and long descents.Ride fast,ride far with 50C-25mm Carbon wheels.
Rear wheels

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